Here is some of my photography:

  • Photographs taken near my home in West Wales. 
  • Photographs of Glastonbury Tor (including 1987 'Harmonic Convergence')
  • A series of 'Mirror' photographs taken at high tide on the River Teifi - on windless days where the river becomes a perfect mirror (such as the first image below)


Teifi Wharf at sunset - my house is about 15 yards back from the waterfront here
A quick snap of youngster tobogganing down the steep little lane outside my house
Another image from Teifi Wharf - looking across to Cardigan, and on the right, Cardigan Castle
Lizard basking in the sunshine in the West Wales nature reserve (half a mile from Cardigan). This Lizard was a total media tart - he (she?) stayed in place for around 10 minutes as I took multiple shots
Mist on the River Teifi
Prince Charles's Quay - on the riverbank opposite my house
Summer fruits
Dawn at the West Wales nature reserve
St Mary's Church - viewed across the River Teifi
Footpath along the Teifi on misty day
Raindrops on leaf
Cardigan Castle looking across to footbridge over the Teifi
Berries and blue sky
Cardigan Bridge in mist
Another view of Cardigan Bridge
Autumn leaves
spectacular sunset at Teifi Wharf
Oak tree silhouetted at dawn - West Wales nature reserve
Rainbow over Cardigan Bridge
Frosty Dawn - West Wales nature reserve
Spiky plant with frost
Teifi Wharf - sunset
Glastonbury Tor at dawn (scanned from old slide - hence low quality image - applies to the next few)
Glastonbury Tor at Dawn - looking down, with tree-tops just showing above the mist layer. This was taken in the 80s, after I'd slept the night on top of the Tor, in my goretex bivi.
Dawn at Glastonbury Tor - with shadow of the Tor cast across the mist
'Where sheep may safely graze'. See how the shadow of the Tor has moved as the sun rises.
Ben Nevis - snowfields on summit - this was in August! First Scouse ascent by Dave Hollomby and Martin Treacy, early 1980s. We were very fortunate to have such a clear view - there are only a few dozen such days per year, I am told.
Another image from Glastonbury Tor, like the previous few slides scanned from old slides. This one from dawn on 16-17 August 1987, the 'Harmonic Convergence', one of the first globally synchronized 'energy events'
Another shot of the Harmonic Convergence. There were several hundred gathered at Glastonbury Tor. (I had originally had an intuition to be at Avebury for this event, when I had a last minute intuition to be at Glastonbury, and managed to hitch-hike there.
Another from harmonic convergence, taken just as the sun appeared at dawn
final shot of the Harmonic Convergence at dawn (the distortion on the horizon is due to some age-related decay of the 28 year old slide)
Wells Cathedral - hand-held shot using available light
View from Glastonbury Tor at dawn, from inside St Michael's Tower. Again distortion in the sky is due to very old slide, but creates quite an interesting effect in itself! Perhaps what it would look like if you'd taken a large dose of certain mushrooms..
Cardigan bypass bridge in mist.
Sunset over Cardigan. The still waters here at high tide allow the river to act as mirror.
Backlit image of neolithic Standing Stone high in the Preseli Mountains.
Another similar 'mirror' picture using the high tide on still day to create this effect. Looking across the Teifi to St Mary's Church, Cardigan
Trees on path near Cardigan
Conjunction of Venus and Mars over Cardigan Castle. Hand-held exposure of about 1/3 second
Another 'mirror' picture looking across to Cardigan from Teifi Wharf
Christmas 2014 on the Wirral
Small yacht mooring at Prince Charles's Quay
Sunset over the River Teifi, taken from Teifi Wharf
Light Spectrum near ceiling beam
Another 'mirror' image of Cardigan town
Silhouette of Cardigan bypass bridge and footpath along the Teifi
'Mirror' image looking towards Cardigan road bridge
'Mirror' image, Teifi Wharf
Dusk at Teifi Wharf
Nightfall at Teifi Wharf







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